Will tic® fasten my shirt button permanently?

Yes. tic is designed to fasten your shirt button permanently. It is not affected by water, washing powder or dry clean. After using tic just wear and wash your shirt as usual.


Does tic® fasten all button types?

Tic fastens shirt buttons, unfortunately not other kinds of buttons. The holes of a shirt button are usually in the same place & have nearly the same diameter. Thickness is usually up to 4.2 mm. Tic fastens both two and four holed shirt buttons.


Can tic® fasten shirt buttons to all fabrics types?

Tic works with "regular" shirt fabric types. Some shirt fabrics are thicker/tighter which makes them harder to pinch trough. Tic will work, but be careful when pinching the spikes through the fabric, and use the old holes where the trhead used to be.


Will tic make holes or tears in my shirt?

No. When pressed through the fabric tic tic leave marks no larger or uglier than a needle does.


What is tic made of & where is it produced?

Tic is produced in Sweden and made of high quality recyclable plastic.


How does tic work?

Tic has small pointy spikes on one end, and small valves on the other. These will join together to make a tiny bracket that will fasten your shirt button.


Is tic patented?

Yes. Intellectual property protection ensures our distribution partners to securely meet large worldwide market opportunities, with long-term sustainability. Tic is protected through granted patents worldwide and registered trademarks of Tic Sverige AB.


What happens if tic® breaks?

It should not. But if it does – please contact us directly at info@ticsverige.se. We will give you a new product or repay you.